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Exhaustion takes hold

Posted by Audrey on August 8, 2009

I know I am too tired to be out in public today, because everything keeps making me cry. A friend sending me an e-mail telling me they worry about me and I only need ask for help had me hiding my head under the desk to mask my sniffles. A quick look at this (wonderful) blog’s Nepal photos reduces me to an emotional basketcase who is desperately trying not to leak tears while muttering under her breath about wanting to go ‘home’. Hell, even just writing this seems to be challenging. In a way, though, perhaps it isn’t such a bad thing. Being poised so close to the edge of complete emotional breakdown forces me to evaluate and re-evaluate. Maybe that e-mail should be a wake-up call. When even those who I wouldn’t call close are worrying, perhaps it is time to listen. Maybe the fact that Nepal photos still stir reactions like that in me means that I need to stop being practical and ‘realistic’ and start working out how to get back there. Maybe all that being this tired has done is strip away the protective layers I keep between me and the truth. Maybe.


Either way, I’m planning on sleeping like the dead as soon as my shift finishes.


4 Responses to “Exhaustion takes hold”

  1. Richard said

    Sometimes what your heart tells you is true is more important than all of the “buts”, “after I have’s” and “if onlys” your intellect will throw at you.

    If you know you will never be happy but to pursue a particular dream, then your decision is already made. You only need to realise that, or you will find yourself pulled, kicking and screaming towards it your whole life.

  2. […] days indeed. But breezily refreshing to the big questions. The ones that matter. A friend who knows where her heart would lead her – half way across the planet to another life. […]

  3. DaRC said

    maybe you need a microphone

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